The Dollar Pizza War

2 bros pizza
If you thought the New York City pizza scene had become less hostile since the Ray’s Pizza War days, think again. The dollar pizza battle has replaced the infamous squabble with similar vigor.

Two weeks ago, the Local East Village reported the opening of 2 Bros. Pizza on 1st avenue between 13th and 14th streets. This is the third establishment that offers $1 deals to open on the block, resulting in a hub of bargain pizza providers. Vinny Vincenz located next door and Joey Pepperoni serving just across the street are also aiming to deliver on the $1 price tag.

This seems counter productive to me. Why do these pizzerias – that are in direct competition with one another – insist on opening within the same radius. Surely, it would make more sense to open even a block away to reach a different catchment area?

Image via EV Greive

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