Chicago Style Pizza In NYC

This Month’s Travel and Leisure Magazine voted Chicago as America’s best city for pizza. Not only did New York fail to win the top spot but was rebuffed to 3rd place behind Providence, RI (shock horror!) The magazine cited the scarcity of decent Chicago-style, deep-dish pizza outside the windy city as one of the primary reasons for its esteemed position on top of the list.

In general, the New York pizza tribe deride the Chicago slice for its excessiveness. Many complain about the mountains of dough amid the mass of cheese and toppings. However, some New York pizzeria’s have turned against the Neapolitan tide and offer a variety of pies, Chicago, Sicilian or Neapolitan. If you’re curious about Chicago style pizza here in NYC, there’s a few places that offer the heavier slice.

pizza map

Big Al’s Chicago Style Pizza
9 Thames Street,

Bravo Pizza
115 East 14th Street At Union Square (as well as other locations)

Uno Chicago Grill
220 E 86th Street

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