Take Five: Vegan Friendly Pizzerias in New York

Driven by health concerns, animal welfare and the environment, the vegan food movement has been growing exponentially in recent years. Seeing the gap in the market, more and more restaurants are now catering to vegan customers. Traditionally the antitheses of vegan friendly food, pizza has become increasingly diverse with many pizzerias now providing vegan pie options. From simple Margherita slices with daiya cheese to vegetable garden pies, the range of vegan options in some places can rival that of the traditional menu.

Here are five of New York City’s pizzerias serving excellent vegan alternatives.

1) Pala – Lower East Side

198 Allen Street, (between Houston St and Stanton St) New York, NY 10012

Website: http://www.palapizza.com/


Vegan Pie Options:


Shaved patatoes, zucchini, rosemary, daiya cheese


Eggplant, daiya cheese, cherry tomato sauce, fresh basil


Field mushrooms, tomato sauce, daiya cheese, fresh parsley

Funghi E Salsiccia

Veggie sausage, field mushrooms, daiya cheese, hot pepper


Fresh cherry tomatoes, hot pepper, garlic


Veggie sausage, asparagus, cherry tomato sauce, daiya cheese

2) Keste – West Village

271 Bleecker St (between Jones St & Cornelia St), New York, NY 10014

Website: http://www.kestepizzeria.com/


Vegan Pie Options:


Tomato sauce, oregano, fresh garlic, basil & extra virgin olive oil.


Tomato sauce, zucchini, eggplant, artichokes, mushrooms, grape tomatoes, basil & extra virgin olive oil.

3) Paulie Gee’s – Greenpoint

60 Greenpoint Ave (between West St and Franklin St), New York, NY 11222

Website: http://www.pauliegee.com/home.php


Vegan Pie Options:

Simply Red – Italian Tomatoes

Red, White and Greenpeace – Baby Arugula, Olive Oil and Post Oven Pickled Red Onions

Vegan Greenpointer

Baby Arugula, Olive Oil, Post Oven Fresh Lemon Juice and Nutritional Yeast

Vegan Shmoogula

Italian Tomatoes, Baby Arugula, Olive Oil, Post Oven Nutritional Yeast and Mild Aleppo Chili Oil

Daniela Spinaci

Baby Spinach, Olive Oil, Fresh Sliced Garlic, Mild Aleppo Chili Oil and Sea Salt

Grapeful Dead

Baby Spinach, Olive Oil, Nutritional Yeast and Pickled Red Grape Halves

In Ricotta Da Vegan

Italian Tomatoes, House Made Vegan Sausage, Post-oven House Made Cashew Ricotta Dollops, Baby Arugula and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

4) John’s of 12th Street – East Village

302 E 12th St (between 1st and 2nd Ave),  New York, NY 10003

Website: http://www.johnsof12thstreet.com/


Vegan Pie Options:


Tomato, Basil and Garlic

Vegan Margherita

Tomato, Basil, Garlic and Daiya cheese

5) Two Boot’s Pizza – Various Locations

Hell’s Kitchen location: 625 9th Ave (between 44th St and 45th St), New York, NY 10036

Website: http://www.twoboots.com/


Vegan Pie Options:

Vegan Specialty Pizza

Daiya non-dairy cheese with artichokes, shiitake mushrooms, red onions and criss-cross of basil and red pepper pestos.

Mother Earth 

Five from the garden on a whole wheat crust

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