The Best Pizza in New York?


Outside Di Fara

Ask any New York pizza aficionado to choose their favorite pizzeria and no doubt Di Fara will be mentioned at some point during the conversation.

The #1 Zagat rated pizzeria in New York – for the past 8 years – lies just a stone’s throw away from the Q train’s Avenue J stop in the heart of Brooklyn. Looks can be deceiving but despite it’s homely exterior and aging decor, Di Fara is not your typical $1 slice shack. Rather, a simple cheese slice will cost you $5.


Domenico DeMarco has been manning the oven at this pizza institution for over 45 years and he personally hand crafts every single pies. He prides himself on selecting only the highest quality ingredients, with imported Basil from Israel snipped with a scissors onto every pie, and San Marzano tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil brought in from Italy.

This bright Sunday evening myself and my roommate, decided to visit Di Fara and see what all the fuss was about. With only Mr. De Marco making the pies, Di Fara can be notoriously slow – usually a 20 minute or more wait depending on the queue. As the rest of New York was celebrating Cinco de Mayo, we lucked out and were given our basic cheese slice straight after we handed over our $5 cash.

The crust was thin and crispy, just a moment from burning. A generous amount of olive oil garnished a very thin slice of cheese, while a basil leaf gently wilted in the center. The tomato sauce was zesty and applied in a thin layer.

For our second slice, we added semi dried cherry tomato (a speciality topping and another $2). This was better than the first slice, but for me, they both lacked an adequate amount of cheese.

The slices were very tasty and Di Fara is worth visiting, given its status in the pizzeria community. However, I prefer my pizza slightly chewier with a more generous helping of toppings.

Have you been to Di Fara? What did you think?


Domenico De Marco Making a Pizza


Our Second Slice

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